Pancaragam is an art that functions as a procession in the marriage procession in Kanagarian Pauah and Kuranji Padang, West Sumatra. Presentation of transnational music uses trumpet, saxophone, trombone and cymbal percussion instruments, basdrumd and snardrumd. This music developed from the military corpmusik in the Padang area, the musicians who lived in the military dormitory played songs as entertainment in the dormitory environment, from routine entertainment developed into procession music in the marriage procession as a substitute for talempong pacik procession music, transnational art reporter with a cheerful character with a tempo of dance and cha, cha, musical style. The uniqueness of the existence of transnational music becomes interesting for writers to be researched and realized in the form of works as an alternative to the development of transnational music, the perspective of development embodied in the work is more focused on the thematic melodies and styles, this is based on the form of presentation contained in transnational music , song melodies and styles that are played are possible to be developed through a musical approach that results in a new work departing from various material objects, so that this work is titled "Metamorphosis Pancaragam".


Korp Musik; Pancaragam; Metamorfosis



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