Khidmat Dabuih Nagari Situjuah Gadang Kecamatan Situjuah Limo Nagari

Afriandi Afriandi, Elizar Elizar, Rafiloza Rafiloza


Dabuih is a performance art that is Islamic religious in nature where in this art it shows the attraction of the body's immunity from various objects that can injure. As an art form with Islamic nuances, debuih performances are of course related to religious values. These religious values can be identified from several things, including the use of remembrance and recitation of several verses of the Koran. In this work of composition "KHIDMAT" which originates from the art of Dabuih Situjuah, it is divided into three parts. The first part focuses on dikia's vocal work, part two is composed by rabano and part 3 is a combination of vocals and rabano. In the form of a performance of the composition "KHIDMAT" a deep devotion and inspiration becomes a work achievement so that it can be realized.


dabuih; religious; wounding; traditional approach

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