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Animation is a series of images that form a movement that presents a message to the audience through interesting audio and visuals. The topic of discussion that will be analyzed is the animated film Turning Red. Turning Red is an animated film that raises a lot of Chinese cultural values, but is set in an urban setting. In addition, the animated film Turning Red also contains a moral message about the relationship between parents and their only child. This analysis aims to analyze the characters contained in this animated film by using qualitative analysis methods. The analysis method uses qualitative methods, namely by looking at references from related articles that have existed before and watching the animated film Turning Red to be able to find out about characters, cultural elements, and moral messages from the author's point of view. In addition, the approach used is an iconographic study approach. Studying using the iconography method is a method that studies a visual product from an act of identification, description and interpretation of image content. Based on the results of the analysis using the iconographic study method, the cultural and character values contained in the Turning Red animation can be seen from the visual aspects presented and the way of communication.


Animation, Iconography, Turning Red


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