Call For Papers

Artchive : Indonesia Journal of Visual Art and Design


Terbit 2 x setahun
Juni dan November.
Jurnal memuat tentang penelitian maupun gagasan mengenai visual art dan Desain.


Kami menunggu naskah Bapak/ibu .

Call for Paper

We invite researchers, scholars and authors to submit their original and extended research to publish with Artchive: Indonesia Journal of Visual Art and Design for the upcoming general issue (Volume 5, Issue 1, Juni 2024).
  • Submission deadline: 15 Maret 2024 (Early submissions are strongly encouraged).
  • Scheduled publication date: 25 February - 15 June 2024
Topics covered include but not limited toDesign History, Art History, Visual Culture, Design Methodology, Design Process, Design Discourse, Design and Culture, Sociology Design, Design Management, Art Critism, Anthropology of Art, Artifact Design, Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, Photography, Interior Design, Craft, Architecture, Film, Multimedia, Creative Industry, Design Policy, and other historical, critical, cultural, psychological, educational and conceptual research in visual art and design.

Please visit Online Submissions For more information on the submission process.


Posted: 2024-02-27