V-art: Journal of Fine Art

V-Art: Journal of Fine Art focuses on theoretical and empirical research articles in the Fine Art disciplines in the region of Asia. The scope includes the following subject areas: Art History, Fine Art Methodology, Fine Art Discourse, Fine Art Sociology, Fine Art Management, Fine Art Criticism, Anthropology of Fine Art, Psychology of Fine Art, also Fine Art Education at School.

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CALL FOR PAPERS, for Vol 2, No 2 (2022): Juli - Desember 2022

V-art: Journal of Fine Art focuses on articles from research and creation (applied research) in the field of fine art. Its scope includes, among others: History of fine art; Methodology of fine art; Discourse on fine art; Sociology of fine art; Management of fine art; Fine art criticism; Anthropology of fine art; Psychology of fine art; Fine art education in schools.
V-Art : Journal of Fine Art
Published twice a year in January-June and July-December
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Posted: 2022-07-30
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